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Àrainn Shuaineirt Management Committee
Governing The Sunart Centre for the communities of
Ardnamurchan, Sunart, Morvern, Moidart, and Ardgour

Àrainn Shuaineirt is a community body with membership open to all persons ordinarily resident within the catchment area of Ardnamurchan High School, plus immediate family members of pupils of the school. As laid out in the constitution of Àrainn Shuaineirt, the affairs of the organisation are conducted by the Àrainn Shuaineirt Management Committee.

The objects of the Organisation are to promote The Sunart Centre and Ardnamurchan High School as a community resource in association with The Highland Council and with other interested parties.

The Àrainn Shuaineirt Management Committee on behalf of its members advises The Highland Council on the management of The Sunart Centre and also pursues initiatives of its own in support of activities within the centre.


Click here to view a list of our current committee members

As laid down in the Constitution, the Committee comprises the following Voting Members:

  1. Two members from each area as defined by the Community Council boundaries within the catchment area of Ardnamurchan High School
  2. Two members as representatives of, and appointed by, Ardnamurchan High School Parent Council
  3. One member as a representative of, and appointed by, the Pupil Council
  4. One member as a representative of, and appointed by, the Youth Forum
  5. Up to four members whom the Committee shall be empowered to co-opt e.g. User Groups, Primary School Boards and other interested people
  6. Any elected member of Highland Council for the ward that includes the school catchment area who is also a member of Àrainn Shuaineirt.

There are also several Non-voting members ex officio as follows:

  1. The Centre Development Co-Ordinator
  2. The Head Teacher of Ardnamurchan High School or nominated representative
  3. The Council Community Learning and Leisure Manager or Council nominated representative
  4. The Community Learning Worker for the area
  5. The Lochaber College Manager or Lochaber College nominated representative
  6. The Lochaber Enterprise Community Development Manager or Lochaber Enterprise nominated representative.
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