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Àrainn Shuaineirt (The Sunart Centre) is the name chosen by the local community for the complex that includes Ardnamurchan High School and all the additional community facilities.

What does the name mean?

Shuaineirt is the genitive case Gaelic original of Sunart. Àrainn is a new word, probably with its origins in Sabhal Mor Ostaig in Skye, denoting centre, surrounding area, campus, hence Àrainn Shuaineirt – Sunart Centre.

How is it pronounced?

Gaelic pronunciation varies from area to area and speaker to speaker. For the benefit of non Gaelic speakers who would like to use the Gaelic name, a guide to proper pronunciation is essential, since for English speakers the Gaelic spelling is not user-friendly. After much discussion with local speakers and Gaelic scholars from other areas, the closest we have managed to get to a consensus is AAREEN HOO-AIN-YERSHT – say it quickly with the emphasis on the HOO and you’ll get there.

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